Will Kymlicka (2012) states that 'multiculturalism is characterised as a feel-good celebration of ethnocultural diversity, encouraging citizens to acknowledge and embrace the panoply of customs, traditions, music, and cuisine that exist in a multi-ethnic society.'


​Over the centuries the United Kingdom has accepted many immigrants from various countries across the globe, thus, many ethnic groups have settled here. The Office for National Statistic (2016) report states that Riverside, Cardiff has a population of over 14,600 people of which 40.5% come from outside of Britain.


Through photographs and text, this project aims to unpack the 'Cultural Baggage' which the multicultural residents carried from their origins by settling in Riverside district of the Welsh capital city . The stores in the area offer products from all over the world, services aim to be inclusive in terms of staff employment and volunteers, language provision, and the meeting of cultural and religious needs. It is due to the large number of multinationals in the Riverside.


I am a Polish immigrant. In 2010, when I arrived to Wales, I settled down in Riverside. I was surrounded by an ethnic-diverse community, which was new to me as in rural Southern-West Poland the idea of a multicultural city is not existent.


Through this project I aimed to examine what people think about Riverside, their experiences, what they miss about their homes and finally what makes their immigration experience easier.

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