‘The public expression of coming out signifies to the individual at the end of the identity search.’ 


(Savin-Williams, 1990) 


‘Coming In // Coming Out’ explores the between stage of Boswell’s (1980) ‘coming in’ meaning the self-acceptance of own homosexuality and ‘coming out’ which is revealing and openly embracing a gay identity. The project is a self-exploration of my sexuality and the journey towards coming out. The work looks mainly the negatives; anxieties and uncomfortability of living closeted, secretly hiding and living a lie in fear of the unknown, a desire not to hurt or disappoint or face rejection. It is a display of humanness and intensity of emotions. 

Coming from Poland, where homosexuality is seen as a ‘threat to traditional families and values’ and ‘biggest cultural issue’ by the government my process of ‘coming in’ lasted over 10 years. This is a self-examination, the process of acknowledging my sexuality and disclosure.